Sunday Menu


Homemade Soup of the day £4.50 Served with rustic bread and butter

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms £4.50  Served with garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce

Buffler’s Rarebit £5.95 Our own recipe made from 3 cheeses & beer, smothered on a baguette with smoked bacon

Garlic & Herb Doughballs £4.95 Fresh baked doughballs soaked in garlic butter served with dips & oils

Mini Fishcakes £5.95 Mini Cod & parsley fishcakes with a seeded coasting, served with tartare sauce

Nachos £4.95 Tortillas with melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers & dips. Add Chilli 1.50                            


  • Roast Beef £10.95
  • Roast of the day £10.95
  • Kid’s Roast £4.95
  • Vegetarian Roast £10.95


  • 8oz Rump £13.50
  • 8oz Sirloin £14.50
  • 16oz Rump £16.95
  • 10oz Gammon £11.50

All of our steaks are served with; tomato, mushrooms, chips, peas and onion rings

Add 4 pieces for scampi to any steak for £1.75

Why not try one of our steak sauces for an extra £2.50 Black Peppercorn, Creamy garlic mushroom, or Red wine and Stilton

Sunday Favourites

Homemade Lasagne £10.95  Homemade Lasagne served with salad garnish and garlic bread

Lamb & Mint Suet Pudding £10.95 Slow cooked diced Lamb in a minted gravy encased in a suet pastry. Served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables

Pork Steaks with Dijon Mustard £11.95 Pan fried pork steaks in a Dijon, smoked bacon & white wine cream sauce. Served with new potatoes, & fresh vegetables

Wild Rice, Spinach & Honey roast vegetable bake £10.95Wild & brown rice baked with spinach, nuts, cheddar, & honey roasted vegetables. With new potatoes

BBQ Chicken £10.95  Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, topped with cheddar cheese & baked in BBQ sauce. Served with chips and coleslaw

Steak & Ale Pie £10.95 Slow cooked, diced beef in an ale gravy, with shortcrust pastry Served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

Fish Pie Crumble £11.50 Mixed fish pie in a creamy sauce, topped with mashed potato and served with fresh vegetables

Beef Cassoulet & dumplings £12.95Diced beef braised in red wine with cannellini beans, lentils, fresh vegetables, beef dumplings & mashed potato

Robin Hood Chilli or Vegetable bean Chilli £9.95 Served hot, medium or mild, with; rice, tortillas, & dips

Breaded Scampi £9.95  Deep fried, breaded scampi served with chips, tartare sauce, and garden peas


Homemade Beef Burger £11.50 Homemade Beef burger in a focaccia bun, with melted mature cheddar cheese. Served with chips and coleslaw.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger £11.50  in a focaccia bun, with melted mature cheddar cheese. Served with chips and coleslaw.

Vegetarian Falafel Burger £11.50 in a focaccia bun, with melted mature cheddar cheese. Served with chips and coleslaw

The Mexican Burger £13.45 Homemade Beef Burger topped with Jalapeño peppers, Chilli-Con-Carne & Mexicana

Texas BBQ Burger £12.95 Southern fried chicken burger with onion rings, bacon & BBQ sauce

Bacon & Brie Burger £13.50 Beef burger topped with bacon & melted brie

Add Egg 75p

Add extra Cheese, onion rings or Jalapeño peppers for £1.00 each

Add Bacon £1.25 

Add Chill, Brie or Mexicana for £1.50

We have gluten free options, let us know when you arrive.